The 2 Mistress's take a poor sole and teach it how to take a male just the way other women have to. It is restrained onto another a caged male and brutally used and abused at both ends before the boudoir sissy is forced to suck the creature to

After being brutally taken by the beautiful Mistress Jenni is mad to tend to the Mistresses every whim. After taking the poor sissy the Mistress feels highly aroused and commands the sissy to pleasure her with her tongue.

The 2 Mistress's use this pathetic male to satisfy their greed. He is sucked and forced to take the bound sissy's rosebud then leaving a deposit of male milk all over the poor things slutty face
Two little minxes are set to work to tidy and clean the Mistress's boudoir. They are a little reluctant to demean themselves with a little housework. After a little light polishing they decide to search for the Mistress's pink dildo...

When Tanya arrived we encouraged her to behave like a sexy woman so a false clitty was fitted. We then explained why she must go through the intensive Feminisation program. The atmosphere changed from familiarity to excitement and fear!.

Just how much fun can a Mistress have with a dildo mask and a pretty frilly sissy maid ? Well the answer as you can see is quite a lot. Mistress Annabelle uses poor sissy Jane as her "toy" and gets the most from Jane yet again

Just look at what Maid Jane has been up to. She is supposed to be able to work on her own initiative, but no, once she was left to her own devices, admittedly in that amazingly beautiful dress with the revealing back, it was just too much for even this most senior of maids. I expect the sound of that delicate material brushing against her skin, and her little bells tinkling on her clitty bag all became too much for her to bare and she had to rub her forbidden peeny. Of course once this territory has been entered it is impossible to retreat. Now with stunning photographs as well !!

Here is the gorgeous Tanya I am sure you all remember her. On this visit she bought along "daisy". Daisy is the same machine we used in the Training of Tanya. She also bought along a very special chair that administers shocks to the subordinate sissy.

Mistress Annabelle is at her most content, when she is abusing a sissy maid. So after kidnapping a poor delivery boy to utterly corrupt him, she then has fun trying to wake him up in a most unconventional way.

Now that Maid Chrissy has progressed from Tweeny Maid, she is allowed more responsibility and freedom. Of course the Mistress fully expects the Maid to abuse this privilege initially, and correctly catches the Maid without her underwear on, which soon leads to all sorts of deviant fun for the Mistress!Including the wayward slut being forced to drink her own sissy milk.

Mistress Annabelle decides to have a bit of spring clean but the feel and look of all the sultry satins and silks is to much to bare. Before she can even throw anything out she needs her sissymaid to satisfy her lust with the pussy pleaser.

Once again the Mistress needs to satisy her high libido and what better way than to use your frilly sissy maid. Mistress Annabelle allows Maid Jane some pleasures of the flesh once more and Jane does her task very well indeed...


Maid Jenni feels the swift repercussions of acting slutily in front of Mistress Annabelles guests, first the startled Maid is humiliated then degraded, then is finally 'taken' in all shapes and forms to the utter delight of the rampant raunchy Mistress. Not for the faint hearted!!
BONUS UPDATE Joanna's Training" A Maids Tale" Mrs Silk's favourite "Tanya" appears in her very own video with Joanna. Jo is taught the art of fellatio and then cropped flogged and paddled for Mistress Tanya's pleasure. A must for fans of the gorgeous Tanya. (This was added to last week)

In the second part of "Joanna's Training" Tanya takes the poor little thing with her strapon anally and orally culminating in multiple climaxes all round. Completely of the scale video. This is one of Mrs Silk's personal favourite videos very, very hot indeed,


The Mistress is not amused with Jane after the ignorant maid disturbed her evening of pleasure with an important gentleman. After a long cold evening spent in the cage she wakes the maid to relieve her sexual frustration.

In this amazing video you will see the beautiful Mistress deflowering the poor sissy with her favourite strapon. The poor sissy takes every inch of the Mistresses toy and screams as she is mounted.

Another young filly to be broken in and who better to do it than the adorable but devious Mistress Annabelle. See how she tricks the young innocent Maid into getting her own way, by a means that would make your eyes water!
An Impertinent sissy learns the hard way when Mistress Annabelle is left waiting, especially as she needs her usual gratification for her high sex drive. The poor thing is gently taken with the dildo at first before being impaled on the remote controlled symbian. The poor thing is literally at the Mistress's mercy.
What a lot of naughty Sissies. No sooner has the Mistress gone then they return to their saucy games. Of course they are caught in the act again. The Mistress decides that is little chance of getting much work out of these sissies. So, they can provide her with a little amusement. To the horror of the Sissies the Mistress produces 3 strap ons and sets them to work on each other.
The Mistress is going to a masked ball and when her friend complains of not having been invited the Mistress has an idea. Mistress Annabelle needs an escort and so sorts out a 'suitable outfit' for her new guest leaving him ready for any of the males who may need gratification.
Jenni is given the fright of her life by the Mistress as she appears with the iron to brand that pathetic peenie. It doesn't stop there as she ends up with a very sore botty thanks to the fucking machine.
Jenni stops by on her way to work in her male attire Unfortunately she gets waylaid by the Mistress. Jenni protests that she has to go but the Mistress needs tending to as only sissy Jenni can..
All of that naked flesh on display, stockings and suspenders in the sheerest silk, PVC, rubber and chains. It makes the mind conjure up all sorts of naughty thoughts. And I should know how naughty my Mistresses can be!
l With Your Mistress You
Here I am initiating a young lady into the ways of the strap-on. With plenty of lubricant most girls take to it like a duck to water, even if at first they are filled with trepidation. Of course after wards they can't get it enough!!
Maid Jessica is very nervous as its her 1st day. She is told that to break her in she would not have to do housework, instead she will have fun with the Mistress instead. This seems wonderful until she realises what the Mistress has in store for her when she actually breaks her in with Janes help
This marvelous piece of equipment is called the "Ecstasy Box" it is a an electronic device that can be varied to different intensities - of course decided by the Mistress. A real little clitty stimulator that house slut Lisa got to its maximum strength!
Jenni is found out to be visiting another Mistress so Mistress Annabelle humiliates her and enforces her dominance by ridiculing the poor thing and trains her with a very large strapon while tied to the dentist chair
The dirty slut Lisa has been disgusting of late, so Mistress Maria and I trained Lisa the house slut in the art of Mistressing. Trying to teach a dirty whore how to be sophisticated was impossible and I am afraid her slutty ways prevailed.!
An exhausted Jane thinks that she has now been forgiven for her huge faux pas, but finds out the hard way that you can never predict the Mistresses mood or how aggressive, the beautiful Mistress can be when she seeks her sexual healing.


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